Monday, May 26, 2008

Our First Week Home...

Our first week home as a "normal" family has been great. We kept this past week a "quiet" week featuring no appointments and just us, which worked out great. Daniel seems to have adjusted back into his home fantastically and we have enjoyed being able to see family and friends. Daniel once again made his "debut" at a party hosted by our friends The Mandel's and was greeted with tons of smiles.

Though the week did feature catching up on stuff, we got a chance to plant some flowers. As you can see, Daniel helped by supervising ...

We are eagerly waiting the arrival of the Oprisu's (Mike's sister Lori's family) for a visit. Kudos to them for driving all the way from Kansas to see us. Hopefully the week will feature some fun items on the agenda.

TTFN.....(For those of you who are Tigger fans you know what that stands for. For all others, Ta Ta For Now)

Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of our new found freedom and Memorial Day we went to the Wyckoff Memorial Day parade this morning. We met up with our friends Evelyn, Kevin and Jay and Daniel appeared to have enjoyed his first parade. He even danced a little in his stroller when the bands went by. The parade was quite good and we even got treats as the members of this parade passed out candy and bubbles to the kids. Here are some photos from this morning's parade....

"Is the Parade Coming or What?"

"Everyone Loves a Parade"

"All American Boy"

Happy Memorial Day and please remember to thank a veteran today. Here's to a fun summer......

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dirty Little Laugh

Daniel has acquired a new laugh. Watch and listen.....

Look's Who's Crawling...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Look Who Turned the Big One!

Daniel turned the BIG ONE yesterday and he had a blast. He got to enjoy it at home and had some very good friends and family come by and celebrate it with him. As you can see, he enjoyed his big day.....

"All Smiles with Aunt Anne"

"Hanging with my Godparents."
"Don't Tell Mom but When are We Going to Play Golf, Uncle Jeff?"

"Getting Ready To Have Some Birthday Cake"

"Birthday Cake is Good Stuff"

"My Future Prom Date Kira"

Daniel has settled back in at home and seems to be enjoying his new found freedom. We will see what year two brings cause God knows year one was certainly interesting. Enjoy your day and Happy Memorial Day!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daniel - I Don't Think We Are In Ohio Anymore!!

WE ARE HOME!! We got back tonight at 8:00 p.m. after a marathon trip home. Thanks to Mike's lead foot and Daniel sleeping for most of the trip we made it home in under 10 hours. We have to say, it is a little weird to be home - a good weird - but weird. KC (our dog) seemed happy to see us but we will see how long that last since Daniel can now cry and is much more mobile than a month ago.

Daniel turns the "Big One" on Sunday and how we will celebrate it, we are not sure, but we are truly happy to in our own home to celebrate this huge milestone. Check back for pictures on Sunday.

Thanks again for reading and Enjoy your Friday!!! We certainly will.....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We are Coming Home!!!

Yes, it is true! We got the green light this morning and we are heading home! Daniel's scope went really well and the Drs. were very pleased what they saw. The even better news is that we don't have to come back for a month and we should be home for Daniel's first birthday. Talk about all the stars aligning for us!

Thanks again for all your support and friendship. We look forward to FINALLY introducing Daniel to all of you and coming out of our spider hole this Spring/Summer. Happy days!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scope Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow brings another scope day for Daniel and we are hoping that we get the green light to head back home to Mahwah for a few weeks. This scope is just a follow-up from last week and to make sure that nothing has changed and Daniel's airway has continued to improve. Thankfully the scope is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. so we won't have to wait all day for news - good, bad or indifferent. Keep you posted on that front tomorrow.

Since our last post we have continued to be adventurous and have pretty much exhausted what Cincinnati has to offer. Today we ventured off to Louisville and toured Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger museum. Daniel enjoyed eating the bat they gave us at the end of the tour.

This past week we were brave enough to try giving Daniel some baby food. We gave him some sweet potatoes and he did not gag on them. May not sound huge but it is!! We will continue to keep our fingers crossed that he is willing to eat food the normal way and like it as much as his parents do!

Daniel also continues to prove that he is our child. (Everything must have a place just like mommy likes it.) Watch the video to see what we mean.....

All and all, things are going well here. Thank you again for all your messages, support, prayers, and friendship throughout this ordeal. We would not have made it this far without you. Miss you all very much and hope to see you soon!! Until tomorrow.......

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We Love Being Trach-Free!!

Today brought our first outing to a restaurant with Daniel. By the look of Daniel in this photo, I think he likes his new found freedom..... (Yes, I wiped down the table with anti-bacterial wipes before he even got close to the table.)

"Can I Stay Here Forever?"

We also ventured out to a butterfly exhibit and a conservatory since it was raining here. Daniel seemed to enjoy the butterflies and helped kill a rainy day. Not sure what tomorrow will bring but at least it's another day without a trach!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So This is Life as a Normal Family...

So Daniel was released from the hospital on Tuesday morning and we started our life as a "normal" family. I do have to say it takes a bit getting used to. In the last two days I have had to stop and think about what I really needed to take with me. No suction machine, no "Oh Crap Bag" - just Daniel. Quite liberating!!!!

Since being paroled Daniel has gotten the chance to visit Lexington, Kentucky and check out the horse farms and a local race track. (Yes we are starting him early).

He also has gotten the chance to visit the Cincinnati Zoo. Daniel did enjoy the zebras, penguins and polar bears at the Zoo. Here are some of our favorite photos from today's adventure...

"Ready to Hit the Zoo!"

"Daddy, I want to go see the bears, now!"

"Hey, I'm a little thirsty here!"

"The Zoo is a lot of hard work!"

Daniel continues to crack us up and has allowed us to begin a new chapter of our lives with ease. He is beginning to be a bit more open to putting things in his mouth. We will see how long that lasts and where it leads us.

Enjoy your Thursday!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Daniel's Thoughts From The Hospital...

Since this is our last night in the hospital Daniel decided to provide us with some parting thoughts.... (We stuck Mike in the background for filler.)

We Are Outta Here!

Yes, it is true. We are finally being discharged from the hospital tomorrow. We do have to stay in the area for another week since we have to be scoped again next week but at least we finally get a change of scenery. We all have a little bit of hospital brain to say the least.

"Next Stop Funny Farm..."

Daniel's scope went ok today. They did have to remove a little growth tissue from his trachea and the posterior graft is taking slowly but other than that everything looks good. As you can see, Daniel already knew he "licked it" prior to his scope this morning...


Daniel is beginning to make more noise and has finally returned to his old self. A good thing!!! Thanks again for reading and for caring.

Until next time......

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Scope Day Tomorrow!

We finally made it down to the airway floor on Friday night. Not that it is that much different then the ICU floor but we can now use our cell phones and eat in our room. Does not sound like much but after being here for two weeks it is a big deal.

Daniel has finally "detox" himself and all and all withdrawals were not too bad. He did decided to stay awake until 4 in the morning one day but other than that he did fabulously well. At least we will now know what he looks like stoned come his teen years.

We do have a follow-up scope tomorrow morning at 11:15. We are hoping that after that scope they will discharge us and we can start "living" in our hotel room. We are also hoping that Daniel's airway has continued to improve and everything is beginning to take shape.

We were able to take Daniel out for a stroll yesterday. The hospital provides wagons for the little ones here so we took advantage of it and took him outside for a bit. I think he liked it....

Daniel's nose also continues to improve and looks like it will just be red for a little while. A very good thing!! Mike was able to hit a local race track yesterday and bet on The Derby. We yet again did not win any money. Maybe next year!! Hope your Sunday was great and until tomorrow.....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daniel & His New Voice

Here is Daniel's New Voice. He sounds a bit like an obsence caller at the moment.

Daniel Finally Wakes Up

Daniel finally decided to wake up today and came out to play. As you can see, his smile and happy-go-lucky-self came back in style.

He also decided to be a little showoff.....

"Look No Trach & Check Out My Scar!"

There still is no room in the inn for us downstairs so we continue to hang out in the ICU. Daniel continues to improve, but did give us a little scare today by holding his breath a bit more than normal. Though they say it is nothing to be concerned out we were a bit freaked out about it. Daniel once again is showing us whose boss. Hopefully tomorrow we will be moved and are scheduled for scope on Monday. This scope is just to check and more sure the graphs are still healing and his trachea is improving. Keeping our fingers crossed on that one.

Other than that we are just hanging out. Enjoy the rest of your week and remember the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday!!