Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dizzy Dancing....

So much for Saturday Night Dance Fever. We have Wednesday Night Dance Fever to Alan Jackson. How this does not make him dizzy I have no idea.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Somersaults and Sonic

This evening Daniel decided to show us his new talent - somersaults. We are so proud of him and as you can see so is he. (Pardon the "white trash look" but it is turning humid here and Daniel is a hot box thus his outfit.)

In other exciting news, Sonic has come to New Jersey. We, well I was introduced to it on my first trip to Kansas, and it is a fast food place that sells burgers and etc. They make the BEST tater tots!! We love them and always make it our first stop off anytime we go back to visit Mike's family. We also found one in Columbus, Ohio and have made quite a few stops out to Cincinnati. However, all our "visits" have sucked and so have the tots. And if you are going to eat fast food you want it to be good. Admit it. Sooooo, when I picked up the Bergen Record on Monday how happy was I when I read the article that Sonic made its debut in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ! Of course I told Mike and he made a trip today. And yes, he brought tots home for us and they were AWESOME!! So much better than in Ohio. Here is a link to the article: And no it is not close to us. It is about a half and hour away so the "tot cravings" will have to be controlled. Thank god I am not pregnant cause I know it would be my downfall. I know the things that make us excited these days!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day - A Day Late

Since we spent the day celebrating Mike this post is a day late. Happy Father's Day to all and here's to the best dad I know (with the exception of my own dad.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Things You Say to Your Child. ...

Can and will come back and haunt you. Case in point......

(And yes he had Destin a.k.a. "Butt Paste" in his hand during this video)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Goose Egg!!

Well, it finally happened. We had to go to the pediatrician because of an injury last night. Yes, Daniel fell, but good, on the driveway yesterday afternoon and landed not on his hands but his forehead. Though I was concerned when it happened, he cried right away, which lead to icing right away and the need to cuddle right away. He bounced right back up after about five minutes and was his happy little self. So when Mike got home I said "before you look at Daniel, he fell this afternoon and has an egg on his head." Of course just right then Daniel turned around and this is what Mike saw:

Personally I like this photo better:

At that point I said, "I think am going to call the pediatrician just to make sure I am not overlooking anything." With that I called and of course they wanted to see us given Daniel's age. Long story short, he is fine and nothing is wrong with him other then the big, soon to be purple and green egg in the middle of his forehead. Just a little parent note, apparently the best place to fall on your head is in the middle of your forehead and signs one should look for is vomiting, not eating, sluggishness and not being just right within the first six hours. If any of those signs present themselves you should head to the ER and have one's head scanned. Luckily all we needed to do was see the pediatrician, which Daniel did fabulously at. He did not cry once and let her do everything she needed to do without a bit of fusing!!

One goose egg down with plenty more to come. Boy, it is nice to have normal toddler issues!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summertime Fun = Carnival

Yesterday we visited our friends Jeff, Vicky and Kira for some summertime fun. Their local ELKS Club was hosting their annual carnival which was geared for kids of all ages. Daniel had a blast and was fearless on the rides. He especially like one particular slide ride that you had to climb through it to get to the top. Needless to say, I did not think it was as high as it was nor did I expect Mike to let him go down by himself. I missed the first time cause I was screaming at Mike for letting him go but as you can see by Daniel's smile my fears were worthless.




(Sorry for the sideways view but I can't figure out how to change it and it is too cute of a video not to post.)

And of course a carnival game was played......

When fun is done, it onto Daddy's shoulders for the walk home.....

Hope you are enjoying some summertime fun as well!!!