Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who Says.....

Toddlers can't entertain themselves?? Just tie a balloon around their foot and watch what happens....

Friday, January 29, 2010


Mike and I are not failures at parenting. Go figure. We actually have done things right with Daniel and he has apparently become age appropriate in his development - all the way around - speech included.

Though we suspected Daniel would not qualify and thus not receive special services from our school district as he is aging out of early intervention through our county, it still strikes us as pretty humorous that the one "test" we needed and wanted him to fail, he hit the ball out of the park. Just so you know, in our school system, if you qualify for special services, the child would receive pre-school services through the school district for free and the "hunt" for the right pre-school would never take place. And as a side note - who knew that you had to find and enroll your child for pre-school in September by FEBRUARY!

And leave it to Daniel to show off to the evaluators by speaking in complete sentences, be on his best behavior, zip up his fleece and coat and let everyone at the table know he was done with the evaluation and "We Go Home Now."

Now we are not looking for compliments or anything. We certainly did not get here by ourselves. We had a lot of help from amazing people and we are truly blessed that they came into our lives when they did and we are grateful for knowing them. It just amazes us to think that even on those days when we think we are doing a horrible job; am the worst parents in the world and Daniel is not going to be ready for Kindergarten, the kid proves us wrong. God help us if this is an omen of what lies ahead for us. And it is crazy to think that those words "we are all in agreement that Daniel is age appropriate" would resonate in our ears. CRAZY!

P.S. - Daniel "enrolled" himself in a pre-school this morning as he had to hand in the paperwork and first "tuition" payment.

Puppy Love

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I just have to shake my head and say "OK."

And yes he "created" this all by himself.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Tired Boy....

This picture really does not do the title justice as he was falling asleep sitting straight up at the time. If I was smart I would have videoclipped it. Oh well - maybe next time.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Viruses Suck!

Viruses suck no matter what kind of viruses they are. Stomach, head colds, or computer. They all suck. Not only do they all put your life on hold, they make you cranky and take time away from you and your everyday life. Thankfully and luckily we have not yet been stricken down by a stomach bug or health bug, and I probably just jinked us, but we did get stricken down by a computer one last Saturday. Yes, a whole week ago and we just fixed it. Well, really Mike fixed it cause I just don't have the patience or care that much to figure out what caused it and spend a WHOLE week getting everything back to normal. I have more important things to focus on like:

1) Getting my son to eat, which by the way he is doing AWESOME at. We are eating something orally at every meal and it is even close to being a normal toddler meal!! And yes, there has even been conversations about cutting back on our liquid feeds. YEAH!!! Our hope (and secret goal) is by his third birthday we can begin our three month countdown prior to removing his G-Tube permanently. Fingers and toes crossed!!

2) Watching my son jump out of a cooler....

(Don't worry, we were insight the whole time and it locks from the outside.)

3) Being amazed at how he can ride his bike so well at just 2 1/2....

4) Just enjoying him being cute as a button and realizing that these types of moments will be gone as soon as they came.

And, yes, for the record, it was I who inadvertently clicked on what I thought was something from Microsoft since it looked like a windows based program so I take full responsibility for our virus problem but come on.......

Just because some Yahoo wants to get their kicks and giggles off of harming people and hack into total strangers computers totally sucks. And like all viruses it is because you let your guard down and did something stupid. It is just not right!

And what else is not right is the simple fact that we always have to be on our guard these days. We don't trust anyone, say "hello" or just try to be nice to any individuals anymore. Yes, the days of keeping our doors unlocked are gone but is the act of being nice to individuals completely gone too? I hope not.

Since we moved in to our new home, we have experienced total acts of random kindness - though it took the holiday season for us to meet some of our new neighbors. We got carolled and our neighbors down the block brought us a tray of brownies at Christmas. I did met the woman who lives right behind us shortly after we moved in since she was kind enough to bring us mums, but when we met the husband as we strung our Christmas lights it was like we all had two heads. And we were welcomed by our Newcomers Association yesterday so who knows, maybe some of us are willing to let our guard down, be neighborly and help others.

And speaking of helping others, I get and believe in that. However, I do have to say, yes it is wonderful that we as a country and individuals are digging into our pockets to help in the relief efforts in Haiti. I think we should but when all is said and done, when everyone pulls out, what is going to happen to Haiti? It will probably rebuild but will it still be the poorest of poor or will some virus (or individual) figure out a way to take advantage of the situation and strike. We can't forget that here in the States there are more individuals and families falling into or bordering on the poverty line. It once again amazes me how we as a country can go to the aid of every other nation but forget about individuals right here at home. It also amazes me how in 2010 a middle class American can do the right thing - work hard, save money, invest in a 401K - and when tragedy strikes such as unemployment, they can't qualify for any government assistance since they "have too much money" and they need to deplete that retirement savings before they can qualify? Seriously, does anyone ever have too much money and how come those of us who don't believe in or don't know how to work the system continue to get screwed??

I guess it does not really matter because in the end all viruses suck! I'll step off my soapbox now and go create memories with my family.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The First Turn....

On Friday we took Daniel for his third skiing lesson. We had the same instructor as our first time and she allowed Daniel to "ski" by himself and got him to make his first turn. As you can see it was a big moment for all involved.....