Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crawfish - The New Family Pet

Yesterday we celebrated Memorial Day by attending a local parade and enjoyed a Memorial Day party with friends. Attending the party were 40 pounds of crawfish fresh from Louisiana. Yes, we had a crawfish boil and it was awesome!! However three of the little critters came home with us and now are living in our fish tank. As you will see Daniel was not afraid of them at all and even ate a few. (I know I can't get him to eat normal food but he will eat crawfish?? Can't wait to tell this to the feeding therapist on Thursday.)

Here are a few photos from yesterday's festivities and how our new "pet" was brought home. Enjoy!

Getting the Crawfish Ready to Boil

I Like This One!

"Ok - I'll Try A Mud Bug!"


Part 1 - The Rescue

Part 2 - The Tank

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yesterday our landlords got a small pile of dirt delivered for our/their garden. All I can say is that Daniel had a blast playing in it and was FILTHY once he was done running up and down in it. Hence the following photos....

And yes, I did hosed him down outside with the garden hose before he even took a step inside. He was not a big fan of the COLD garden hose water. Oops! Probably should have thought about that one a bit more.... (Sorry for the graininess of the photo. It was taken by my cell phone.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Apparently Daniel "really"believes he is Superman.....
(Disclaimer, I was right there and he did not hurt himself)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

Two years ago this evening Daniel Patrick came into this world with so much excitement and love surrounding his arrival. Though his arrival came with some unexpected surprises he still managed to steal our hearts from the second the doctor said “He’s a peanut.” The days that followed were filled with so many tears as well as so much laughter that one would never have thought that a little person could change the lives of two individuals so much. The journey we have all taken is one that we did not expect nor would probably have chosen if given a choice. However, we are glad that the choice was not ours to make and that two years later our hearts are still stolen and our days are still filled with laughter and tears – happy tears that is.

Oh how much Daniel has changed...

Day 1

One Year

Two Year

Happy 2nd Birthday Daniel!! May your journey to three be a ton easier that one to two. Happy-All-About-You Day our little man! We love you!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hey Kira, what did you get your mom for Mother's Day??

Lots of tickles......


Lots of Kisses of course!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I Was My Face Red....

Now I know we all read this page in the back of magazines, whether it be Parents Magazine or Women's World, etc. And I know we have all gotten on giggle off those poor people who feel the need to submit their embarrassing moment to these magazines and get $25 buck out of it. (and no I don't know if that is what you get.) I am not one of those people but I will provide a blog entry for all of you in hopes you can get a giggle off of my expense.

With that said "Boy was My Face Red" twice this week thanks to Daniel. The first moment was Wednesday night while we were helping out our landlords install their new printer. Ok, let's change the we to Mike since we all know that he was the one doing it while I keeping Daniel out of trouble. In all actuality Daniel is very well behaved and feels very comfortable in their home and just enjoys running from one end of the house to the other. As usual Mike performed his magic and the printer was install. As we were wrapping up and just chatting Daniel took a piece of paper off the couch and for the longest time was just "reading" and walking around with it. I, and the rest of the adults in the room, have no idea what the paper contained. With that said here comes Daniel who walks right up to their paper shredder (the large kind that sits on the floor) and proudly inserts the piece of paper, the correct way I might add, and proceeds to shred it. I was like "OH MY GOD" and started to hit any and all buttons to stop the shredder from shredding and scoped Daniel up. Of course it was too late and in my "effort" to save the paper I jammed the machine but good. All I could do was laugh along with the rest of the group and shake my head. How he knew I have no idea but boy was my face red.

The second "proud" moment of the week was yesterday afternoon while we were in the yard enjoying the hint of sunshine between the rain drops. Our landlord and her daughter came home and stopped by to chat. Daniel took a few moments to warm up to them since he had just gotten up from a nap and I was holding him. Just recently he has felt this need to stick his hand down my shirt - for what reason - I have no idea. Oh course he did it yesterday and our landlord asked what he was doing. Now to her defense I know she was not thinking Daniel would say what he said and was just engaging him in conversation. So in answer to her question, Daniel quite proudly said "Boobs." Yes, my friends "Boobs" and yes my face was red. For the record I don't' have a clue were he picked it up or how he knows since he did not participate in that activity at all. Once again, thankfully everyone laughed and hey, it's got the "B" and "O" sound in it, right???

No doubt there will be a few more of these moments to come.........