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The Return of the Popcorn Turkey

This year we once again made popcorn turkeys for D's schoolmates. This year we had to double our order and both sets of teachers looked at me a little funny when I asked if it would be ok if D brought them in on the last day of school before Thanksgiving.

By all accounts they were hits and D was quite proud of his turkey making ability. 

And this year, he even carried them in to school all by himself. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Best Thing About Pre-School....

Until this year I never realized the best thing about Pre-School. Granted for our little man, it is about all the exciting learning opportunities that await him daily (he probably doesn't think so). For his parents, it is all about the adorable things he makes and walks out of his classroom with (and the couple of hours of peace). 

Case in point.....

Happy Thanksgiving
from our little Pilgrim and his Indians (a little early).  May your horn of plenty be filled with happiness and peace this year!! 

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The Halloween That Never Ended!!

This year Halloween never seemed to end for us.  Probably because of the crazy snow we got last Saturday or due to the fact that school's were closed for three days, or maybe because most of our towns cancelled Halloween activities due to the crazy amount of storm damage that littered the streets.  I think it was because "some" people just wouldn't let it go.    Hence this late wrap-up of our Halloween activities.

I should have known it was going to be a LONG week when D's pre-school finally went on their Fall hayride for pumpkins on the Friday BEFORE Halloween.  Yes, I had to hunt for our mittens and hats as it was a "warm" 39 degrees that morning!! D did find the perfect pumpkin for him and as you can see, he is quite proud of his find.....

And then came the snow.  Yes, snow in October and yes it was very wet and heavy! 

Luckily we did not lose power at all - just our cable for a few days.  However, the side street behind us lost their power for almost a week.  Given the massive power loses schools were closed and Halloween was crazy.  After an hour of trying to figuring out what he wanted to be, D decided that his skeleton pjs were his best option and decided that was what he wanted to be.  Mind you, we purchased a knight costume weeks before but he was having no part of it on Halloween.  We did go "Trunk or Treating" at our friend's elementary school which provided enough treats to last a lifetime.

School finally opened on Thursday and D continued on his skeleton theme.  Knowing that we had his pre-school Halloween party the next day, and the fact that the skeleton pjs were so incredibly dirty that they could walk off D's body, we headed off to the store to take advantage of the after Halloween sales and got a new knight costume for school on Friday. Thankfully D was much more agreeable and willing this time around. 

Our little brave knight.....

We once again participated in D's pre-school's "Trunk or Treat" event and of course decorated our trunk with gusto....

However this year we added some fun extras for the kids and had a fog machine which blew fog bubbles.  Totally fun and quite cool, I might add.....

Before the kids visited the trunks they participated in a parade and sang a couple a songs for the parents.  And like last year, D was surrounded by girls....

And with that event we finally kissed Halloween good-bye for the year! Thank God!!

Now we are onto Turkey Day and the arrival of the Big Guy in December!

Shaving Cream + Little Boy =

An experiment gone bad...

And in the end, it all went down the drain so who cares? Especially when you get a smile like this....