Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beach Comber

After tailgating in the parking lot of Jones Beach we walked over to the beach so Daniel could run off some of his energy. As you can see, we have a ocean lover on our hands......

(It was a tad windy so be careful with the sound)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Parrothead in Training

Tonight we went and tailgated at Jones Beach prior to the Jimmy Buffett concert and Daniel had no problem fitting in and was a hit in his "Parrothead in Training" wagon. What do you think??

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wonder What We Have Been Up To?

A lot!

Just this past weekend we went to see my sister and her family in upstate New York. Actually way upstate as they are just a mere 25 miles from Canada. We had a great time and the weather and scenery were beautiful. Daniel took to everyone fabulously and enjoyed some quality time with Tanta and her family as Mike and I had a "dinner date night" to celebrate his birthday. During our trip Daniel.....Stuck his toes in the St. Lawrence River....

Played in Lake Ontario's sand at Alexander Bay......

(If you look closely you can see his name in the sand)

Fed some very big cows in Sackets Harbor....

And even fed a reindeer.......

Though we hated to leave we had to so we could go to The Barclays Golf Tournament today. Today was the practice round which allowed us to get up close and personal to some of the PGA players. We did see Phil Mickelson but weren't quick enough with the camera to snap a picture. However, we did get to see Vijay Singh tee off on the 15th tee.

Daniel also got to walk the course and as you can see he seemed to enjoy the experience....

(Yes, that is the Statue of Liberty in the background.)

And like any good golfer, he knows when it is time to just lay down and quit.....

Tomorrow we are off to tailgate at Jones Beach prior to the Jimmy Buffett concert as it has now become a tradition for us. Fins Up!!

And that is what we have been doing. And you???

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

What Else Is There To Do On A 100 Degree Day?

Play in the sprinkler of course.....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

He Has Done It Again...

Like always, Daniel seems to learn/show us new things with every trip we take to Ciny. Although this was an extended trip since we spent time with Mike's family in Indy, he once again showed us his new tricks. Not only did he share a ton of new words and sentences with us, upon returning home he decided it was time to use the potty! Now I know that this is not the most blog friendly topic but we are sooo proud of our little man. Yes, we have been working towards this big day but certainly not in a big way and certainly not in an efficient manner. (My lack of being commitment to this "milestone" I do have to say.) However Daniel was successful in both avenues this evening and even if it was a "Happy Accident" or just pure dumb luck, we will take it.

And with that, here's to flushing your Sunday way and wishing you a Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Whole Nine Months -

Is what we got for Daniel for his next visit to Ciny! His Dr. was pretty happy with how Daniel's esophagus has fared over the last few months and was willing to give us a large window this time around. His Dr. did stretch his esophagus again and did cautious us that if we see Daniel starting to struggle with his eating that we should call him and schedule another dilation prior to our scheduled visit in 2010.

All and all Daniel did awesome this time around He only cried when they were putting him under for the procedure. A HUGE change/accomplishment from the last time we were here and was even cooperative with the nurses prior to his procedure. He once again won the hearts of many who came into connect with him and we are super proud of him. Thanks for caring and for wondering!

We are spending the next few days in Indy with Mike's family and so far Daniel has enjoyed playing with his cousins and has been a real trooper.

Thanks again!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

To Ciny and Indy....

As fast as you can! Yes, we are off to Ciny for another scope for Daniel. Just one scope this time as his esophagus needs to be checked. We are keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed that his Dr. will like what he sees and gives us a longgggggggggggggg window before we have to see him again. If not, we will have to chat with him regarding what other options there are for Daniel. Only time will tell and as we all have learned from this journey thus far it is not in our hands at all. However, Daniel is eating a bit more by himself and seems to enjoy pastina quite a bit. A boy after my own heart! So we will see.

After his appointment on Wednesday we are off to Indianapolis to see Mike's family. How sad is it that Indianapolis is almost exactly half way in between us and Kansas? Oh the places we go!! Anyway, we are all looking forward to seeing everyone and no doubt adventures and laughter is on its way.

Until next time......