Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Traveling to Canada - Well Sorta Of...

So on the spur of a moment we decided to go visit my sister and her family at their new home in Clayton, N.Y. this past weekend. Before she moved I made the joke that for our anniversary we were going to leave Daniel with them and go to Canada thinking it would be a couple hours drive. Well I was wrong since she is only 25 miles from the Canadian border and you can see Canada from their shoreline. Needless to say, they are WAY up north and we will be checking the weather before any future visits.

The trip and visit were great. The weather was a little wet but Daniel got to experience a lot of "firsts." He caught his first fish, ate broccoli, made his first family trip, and visited his first lighthouse. All and all a very fun trip and we were certainly glad we made it there before the first snow.

Here are a few photos from our first weekend away for fun as a family......Happy Fall!!

"My First Fish!"

"What I Look Like After a Long Day of Fishing and Hangin with the Cleggs"

"Checking Out the St. Lawrence Seaway with My Cousins, Kyala and Jon"

"Running in the Fall Foliage"

"My New Best Furry Friend - Bernie"

"My First Lighthouse on Tibbetts Point"

"Being a 'River Kid' with Kyala and Jon During My Lighthouse Visit"

"Though I Loved Bernie, I Really LOVE My KC"

Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Ready for Halloween.....

On Saturday we took Daniel out to a local farm to do a "pre-pumpkin" test run but before we got there we hit a local Target store for a couple of items. Daniel went straight for the pumpkins....

After prying him away we did make it to the local farm and boy does this kid just humor us...

They even had a hay maze which Daniel had a great time running around in....

"So Which Way Do I Go?"

"Dad, I Don't Think I Am in New Jersey Anymore.."

Though we never purchased a pumpkin we did finally find our way to them....

"Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere! Which One Should I Pick?"

"This One Looks Good!"

Happy Fall!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Eating to the Oldies

Daniel has made enormous strides in the eating department and we couldn't be happier. As you can see he enjoys his oldies as he eats....


And he now looks like a "normal" one-year-old when he eats.....

"More Please.."

With a little wave for Mommy to end the evening....


Daniel and KC

Though we were a little worried about how the transition between Daniel and KC would go, from this I guess we never had to worry.....