Monday, June 30, 2008

Why You Never Leave A Child Unattended...

And You can see why.....

(Mike was in the hallway watching this take place.)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer....

Yesterday we had the pleasure of celebrating our friend's, Jeff and Vicky, daughter Kira's 2nd Birthday. We had a great time but apparently turning the "Big Number 2" is a little scary for Kira....

The day also gave Daniel the opportunity to "swim" in a big pool rather than our little wading pool at home. Though he was a bit apprehensive at first, he did quite well and enjoyed the experience.

We also got Daniel a swing this weekend and have started to "raid" our landlord's yard with kid toys. Again, a bit apprehensive at first, Daniel did get into the "swing" of things and enjoyed the ride....

And so it has happened...we finally started to baby-proof the house. The gates are up since Daniel thinks it's a game to run up the stairs and laughs at us as we pull him off the stairs. Guess what goes around really does come around since I used to laugh at my mother when she pulled me off things. Cabinet locks are next. What a fun way to spend a Sunday.

As for Daniel, I guess he knows the best way to spend a lazy, hazy day of summer....

Until next time.......

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Daniel's Voice Golf Tournament - A Huge Success!!

The Daniel's Voice Golf Tournament was a huge success on Saturday. The weather was absolutely perfect and more than 100 friends and family members came and supported our efforts. Thank you to everyone who came and played. It was awesome to see some folks that we have not seen in years and meet some new friends. From what I saw it looked like everyone had a good time.

Special thanks must go out to Jeff, Mike, Claire, Vicky, Rose, Brooks, Barbara, Patricia, D, Evelyn, Angie, Anne, Kyala, Uncle Tommy, my parents, Mike's Mom and Jack, Dave, Jess, Cooper, and Pia for all their hard work behind the scenes. I also must thank Eve because without all her hard work organizing the outing it never would have gone off so smoothly and been so successful. Nice Job Eve!!!

Also, thank you to everyone who was a sponsor and to everyone who donated a gift to the raffle. We had over 25 door prizes and 30 raffle prizes. Nicely done!!! Photos of the outing will be posted shortly on under the tab "Golf Outing" in the "Gallery" section. Please take a look.

Daniel did fabulously and showed off his new walking skills. He got his first ride on a golf cart and seemed to enjoy it very much. All and all he was a really trooper! He also reached another milestone on Saturday when we got home - He learned to climb our stairs. No hesitation in the least. He just placed one foot on the bottom step and up he went. This child never seems to stop amazing me.

Thanks again!!! Happy Summer!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Just Another Scope..

Daniel had his month-follow-up scope today and everything went GREAT! They were once again pleased with Daniel's progress and stated that the graphs have totally healed over and so far there is no evidence of any scar tissue. They also "sized" his airway and the good news is that it was age appropriate. YEAH!! So we get to get rid of all our trach supplies and equipment! We also got a reprieve from visiting them for three to four months. Summer vacation you know.... So we are VERY excited.

The other big news is that Daniel is Mike's son since he decided to enjoy some pizza while we were on our way to Cincinnati. Watch....

This trip to Ciny brought us up close and personal with cicadas which were in full out mating season out there. They were every where and were soooooo loud. Just in case you never seen one up close, here you go...... They are GROSS!!

We are looking forward to this weekend's golf outing in honor of Daniel. We have 104 golfers registered and everything is falling into place. Mike's mom is coming in this week and we are looking forward to her visit.

Enjoy your week!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big Day in the Duker Houshold - Daniel Takes His First Steps!

Yes, it is true - Daniel took his first steps this evening and thankfully we both were here to witness the BIG event. He has been standing on his own this week and tonight he decided to take his first steps. Since I was not prepared for him to take his first steps at 12 1/2 months I failed to have the videotape camera at the ready. We will try tomorrow.

And if this was not a big milestone, Daniel also climbed out of his portable crib this evening. Though Mike conned him a bit to do it, he did. Yes, our lives as we know it is over. Oh well and in all honesty after the last year we had we couldn't be happier!!

Enjoy your Thursday!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's 95 Degrees & It's Pool Time!!

Summer came a bit early here on the East Coast and that is all Daniel needed to enjoy some "pool time" this weekend........

He also enjoyed playing in K.C.'s waterbowl the other night. All I can say is "TROUBLE".......

Daniel is scheduled for another scope in Ciny on Monday, June 16th so we will be leaving next weekend for a "quick" trip. Hopefully all will go well and we will be able to get rid of all of Daniel's trach equipment and supplies. Keep your fingers crossed.

The Daniel's Voice Golf Tournament is turning out to be a HUGE success!!! We have almost 100 golfer registered to play and everything but one sponsorship is sold out! Now we just have to pray for a sunny day on June 21st!!

Enjoy your Monday!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys......

And all I can say is that "boys will be boys"......

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Daniel's First Slide Adventure

During our adventure to Brooklyn, we took all the boys to local park, giving Daniel his first slide adventure. Think he enjoyed it???

The Oprisu's Visit

Mike's sister Lori and her family came for a visit last week so Daniel finally got to meet his Aunt Lori, Uncle Jeff and his cousins. (God bless them cause they drove all the way from Kansas even with these crazy gas prices!) Though it was a world wind, Daniel did great and it was awesome to see Mike's family.

During their visit we went to the Bronx Zoo. (Go on Wednesday since it is technically free - you just have to make a donation. Leave it to Mike to get all nine of us in for $5.00. Talk about a good deal!) Somehow I don't remember the Zoo being as huge as it was and having the ability to get so close to the animals. (People included.) All and all, a very good day.

Since we were crazy enough to go the Bronx Zoo when it's "Free" we took everyone into Brooklyn to see Mike's other sister, Angie.

And only in the city do you see someone walking their pet pigs....

Get a backdrop like this...

Get views like this from your rooftop.........

And smiles that last a lifetime.....