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See Ya In....

A YEAR!!!!

Yes, that is right. Daniel has done so well in healing that both his Drs. in Ciny don't want to see him for a year. And he might just get released from their Aerodigestive program on our next visit cause his GI Dr. doesn't think he will have to dilate him any more!! Unbelievable!! His GI Dr. also thinks we are very close to removing his G-Tube as well but wants us to make sure he can maintain his weight and height curve. So we are coming to the end of this crazy journey very soon!! As for Daniel he did AWESOME with everything. Though I thought he would be a nightmare to travel with he once again proved me wrong and traveled like a champ. He seems to love road trips and really enjoys new hotel rooms. He also did great at the hospital and did not cry at all during check-in and hardly cried as they were putting him under. As usual he could not wait to leave the recovery room and was his happy-go-lucky-self as we left the hospital for a whole year!!! And like all our visits out here Daniel had a first - He swam by himself for a couple of strokes in the hotel pool. So proud of our little man and yes it was a very Happy Voice Day for D and for us!

Happy Voice Day!

Happy Voice Day Daniel!!!
Today marks your two-year mark of being trach-free already. Congratulations and let's celebrate for how far we have come!!!

It does not seem possible that it has been two years already! Though we are certainly not upset that its been two years already, it just blows our minds. Where did the time go and how quickly your life has changed. Your NICU nurses always told us "the memories will fade and you will hardly remember these days" and I can honestly say it's true. Reality does still hit us when we least expects it and we are reminded how lucky we were and are in regards to you and your health. You continue to be a trooper and amaze us and your doctors.

Though I posted this picture last year at this time, I can't not again this year just because it simply amazes me to look back and realize this is what you looked like exactly two years ago today .....

And today here you are.......

You truly are a blessing. We are so happy you have your voice and wouldn't change a thing!!

Happy Voice Day Daniel!!

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Silly Saturday - D's New Trick

He can almost touch his nose ----- Can you??

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What A Difference Nine Months Make

Next Monday (April 19th) we will be heading out to Cincinnati for Daniel's annual ENT scope and his nine month follow-up appointment with his GI Dr. As I am beginning to pack for our trip it has struck me what a difference nine months make and what was once a non-thinking experience of packing for this trip is now a little bit of a struggle as I have to make lists again and stop and think what I have to bring. No longer do I have to take a case of Pedisure - now it is just three bottles; I actually have to pack food for the trip and a cooler as Daniel is eating like a champ these days and the "Oh Crap Bag" has/had to be totally re-worked and re-packed as there is no longer the need for more than half the stuff in the bag and there is a HUGE need for extra clothes, underwear and NORMAL first-aid stuff. And don't forget the need and sanity savers/entertainment options for a 10 hour road trip with an almost three-year-old. (And no we will still make this trip in two days cause there is no way we are making it in just one anymore.)

And I have to say this long break in going out there is a huge blessing and a welcome relief I think it has gotten me more stressed out than ever before. As the bags get packed...

and I have to keep figuring out ways to keep "Curious Daniel" out of them in an effort of him not finding some of the new things that we picked up to keep him entertained, I just have to smile and giggle because as strange as it is to think about what to pack for this once normal trip is now not so normal and what a great feeling and problem that is.

Boy - what a difference nine months make!

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Jumping for Joy......

As we got...

A "New/Use"...

Swingset for Daniel.....

Off of Craig's List....

For FREE!!!

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Seriously Mom...


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Happy Easter - A Little Late

Happy Easter. The Easter Bunny is a bit delayed at passing along some photos from this past weekend as we got a new camera and with that came some issues in uploading photos. But all is resolved and we are back on track.

The weekend was great. The weather was awesome and filled with Easter Egg hunts and family and friends. Saturday we went to another Easter Egg Hunt which actually had eggs and a little bit of mass craziness. But Daniel listened as Mike provided him with some "egg hunting" tips.

(After all those years of taking Mike's nephews to large scale egg hunts we learned a thing or two.) So when the bullhorn rang off Daniel went to "scoop and grab" and headed to the back of the field. Though no special prizes were given out he enjoyed and was quite focused at the job at hand as you can see.

Saturday afternoon Daniel and I made our first "Bunny Cake" and dyed some Easter eggs as Mike worked in the yard.

Though I did most of the work on the cake Daniel did enjoy sticking his finger in it and licking the frosting out of the can. All and all - not too bad for a first attempt.

Sunday brought the Easter Bunny who left "bunny prints" in the house and outside to help Daniel find his Easter basket and other treats. (I did not think of this idea, I "borrowed" it from my college roommate as she is much more witty than I).

Though Daniel did ask "Why did the Easter Bunny leave footprints in his house" he did seem to get the concept and off he ran out the back door.

I do have to say one of the funniest things is how all kids seem to know to shake the egg and hear if something is in the egg. I did forget to fill some of eggs with coins and was quickly called out on it when Daniel looked up and asked "Where's the coinees?" How he knew we have no clue but thankfully Mike had some change in his pocket and filled one of the eggs when Daniel wasn't looking.

So, Happy Easter and Happy Spring! Until next time.......