Monday, June 4, 2012

It's Official - D is a Pre-K Graduate!

Last Thursday was a big day in our house as D graduated from Pre-K so it is official - he is off to Kindergarten in September.  

I have to say the day was beautiful and we were so happy to celebrate his big milestone with family and friends.  As you can see, D was pretty excited for the big event.   The kids did not wear caps and gowns but the school provided t-shirts which featured each child's hand prints and the answer to "What I Want to Be When I Grow Up?"  Of course, D's shirt was huge on him but thankfully Mike worked his sewing magic and hemmed it so it did not look like a dress on him.  

Here he is hamming it up.....

The back of his shirt.  It says "Police Officer."

Daddy and his Pre-K Graduate......

Each parent had to create an outfit centered around what each child wanted to be.  These outfits served as decor for the church and lined the pews.  I created the "head" for each child's outfit as I had to get involved somehow.  It featured a picture, the school's logo and a diploma.   I have to say it looked super cute.

Making it official - getting his "diploma from his Pre-K teacher.  

And there you have it - It's official!!!! 

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